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3 steps to unlock the art of mindfulness and thrive

Guest post by our advisor, Lali Wiratunga

Inspired by Dr. Cassisus A. Pereira, my maternal grand-uncle, who in the prime of life, after a career as a medical doctor, became a Buddhist priest.

Imagine if every day was harmony day – where everything is in accord, where you are at peace with yourself and the world around you. Wouldn’t this be a cure for the modern syndrome of busyness? Sometimes we find ourselves pushing so hard in one area of our life that often times the other areas of our lives suffer; our sense of flow, our health, our relationships. So where could we start?

1. Getting started

It starts with oneself – to find harmony through aligning the inner self to the outer self. This can be found through the practice of mindfulness the capacity to be immersed in the immediate present.

Like any worthwhile pursuit, an effort is required. There is no easy fix to find harmony in oneself every day. Unlocking the benefits of mindfulness requires exercise and concentration.

From the exercise of mindfulness, we can achieve self-transformation through self-observation. This is called, vipassana, which means to see things as they really are and is one of India’s most ancient techniques of meditation.

When beginning the practice of meditation, the novice will find they’ll need to rein in their thoughts sharply and often. Your mind may race between thoughts, to begin with, but with practice, you will find your way, and in some time, you will be taking it slow, smooth and maybe even easier.

2. Getting stronger

Once your concentration is strong, mindfulness is a tonic, helping to manage strong emotions and negative thinking.

Clear and strong mindfulness leads to wisdom.

“6 Lessons Yoda can teach you about mindfulness.”

If that sounds a little bit like something that Yoda might write, that may just be because he has staked a claim to be one of the greatest gurus of mindfulness in the Star Wars universe – even teaching generations in our world the art of living now!

3. Receiving a lifetime (and beyond) of benefits

If you’ve penetrated mindfulness and made it part of your daily routines, what have you gained?

  • a skill that can be a shelter for your mind, and help with a transition from ignorance to knowledge
  • a predisposition to be receptive, aware and open
  • concentration and wisdom which are pathways to a “good life”, that money just can’t buy
  • a growing strength to find your purpose and be your best self
  • an activity that is a form of protection to take care of your mind – as it were to help grease the veritable axles of your mind so that it drives gently and smoothly.

By integrating mindfulness into our routine, we are helping ourselves to reach that goal of attaining harmony every day. Wouldn’t that be something worth attaining?

Resources to help yourself and others

  • To help experience the benefits of meditation so everyday can be #HarmonyDay check in with yourself and learn modern meditation with Smiling Mind
  •  Meditation can help you visualise your goals, to get some coaching tips on visualisation check out this post from Andy Fell

A cup of calm everyday

Comments to share insights and thoughts on how you find your daily cup of calm are very welcome!


About the author

Lali Wiratunga is an advocate for the role of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship to help individuals and organisations deliver social impact, and to be financially sustainable.

In 2016, Lali was recognised in Pro Bono Australia’s Impact 25, an award that recognises leaders in the social economy.


Twitter: @laliwiratunga


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