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Introducing Our Advisors at ThinkChangeGrow

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Here at ThinkChangeGrow, we are always on the active lookout to connect and collaborate with like-minded leaders who are just as hellbent as us in bringing positive change to workplaces across the globe. The talented people depicted above definitely fit in with our mission and we are excited to have them as part of our advisory board. Cheers to our team growth! Anne Massey   From being the Non Executive Chairman of Can Too Foundation to the Chairman of the CEO […]

Together, we are the future of work

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Baby Boomers vs. millennials. You know the drill. It is a debate that never seems to end with impassioned arguments loaded and ready to be fired from each side. This generation divide has become something that is so obvious and transparent in the workplace. But have we ever stopped to think about the damage that this constant ‘us versus them’ dialogue can have within teams trying to operate at their best every day? With workplaces undergoing digital change, it only […]

How to give constructive feedback

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Our trusty Feedback-o-Meter from our Greater Collective workshops Communicating effectively in team-based environments in the workplace is extremely vital for growth and wellbeing. However, one of the biggest factors that make us apprehensive to communicate effectively, is giving and receiving real-time feedback. In fact, feedback and effective communication are one of the top-rated skill-sets to have as an employee as highlighted in the research conducted by Foundation of Young Australia (FYA) regarding the future of work. Over the past decade, […]

How building a culture-based brand will help you attract the right people

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Guest post by Sasha Reid, Twinlife Marketing Candidates today want more than a job that fits their skills and a decent salary. They want a job that fits their goals, values and vision for their lives. Millennials, set to dominate the workforce by 2025, are particularly interested in the opportunity to make a difference and forge meaningful work relationships according to Forbes, while nearly 80% will look for “people and culture fit first, followed by career potential” according to Glassdoor. Culture has […]

ThinkChangeGrow in 2018

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I used to think that January was a never-ending Monday. You look back at the weekend, what you did or what you could have or should have done and in your head, you are already planning the next weekend and suddenly, reality hits and well –  you are back at work.  Before you know it, it’s February and you are wondering what just happened? Not for us at ThinkChangeGrow! We have big plans and are determined to make 2018 memorable. […]

Does a Team really need a Leader?

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Teams are becoming like self-driving cars…they don’t necessarily need one appointed leader to run the team day-in-day-out. Just like a car is doing away with one driver and is becoming ever more sophisticated at things like forecasting trouble ahead, getting in and out of tough situations, overcoming fatigue and human error…the same is happening with teams. We explore the power of Collective Leadership in our flagship leadership program designed for anyone who has ever needed to step up and take […]