What self-limiting beliefs are holding you back?

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A self-limiting belief is an irrational belief. It distorts reality, is illogical, it can prevent you from reaching your goals, leading to unhealthy emotions and to self-defeating behaviour. -Dr Albert Ellis   As a learning and development professional, I work with people every day helping them to identify their self-limiting beliefs, which hold them back from realising their full potential. Recently I was asked to run a workshop on this very topic for a high profile tech company. As I […]

Does a Team really need a Leader?

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Teams are becoming like self-driving cars…they don’t necessarily need one appointed leader to run the team day-in-day-out. Just like a car is doing away with one driver and is becoming ever more sophisticated at things like forecasting trouble ahead, getting in and out of tough situations, overcoming fatigue and human error…the same is happening with teams. We explore the power of Collective Leadership in our flagship leadership program designed for anyone who has ever needed to step up and take […]

Why you need a strong vision for your business and how to set it up

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  A strong, shared vision is pivotal to the success of a business. If you can’t see the meaning and value of what you’re doing, it’s very hard to remain motivated and to work to your full potential. Having a clear vision – and a set of values, a mission statement to match, and a clear purpose – is key for a thriving business. A Vision helps a business to:  Stay focused Move in the same direction Make well-grounded decisions […]

Young leaders, driving without a license

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It always astounded me, how linear and over simplistic the process is to become a leader. You excel in your role, for example you might be in sales, so you hit your target consistently, your customers rave about you, your manager looks great because you’re bringing in the numbers and then BOOM you get the keys to a Ferrari. Well not a real one but the equivalent of one, you get promoted and are given a team to manage. Surely […]

What kind of leader do you want to be – The lover, with a woeful ballad?

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  “Leadership is a lot like love. Everyone thinks it’s special, but hardly anyone agrees on a definition” (Peltier, 2010), and yet lists of top leaders like The World’s 50 Greatest Leaders are being compounded regularly and agreed upon. How to define and measure good leadership As there is no commonly used leadership definition available, many different models of leadership exist. Some focus on personal qualities or traits, some on behaviours and actions, some concentrate on the quality of the […]