Is your workplace mentally healthy?

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A mentally healthy workplace is the responsibility of all. According to a recent report conducted by BeyondBlue, 91% of Australians believe that mental health in the workplace is important. Despite this, only 52% believe their workplace is actually mentally healthy which Beyond Blue defines as “one that protects and promotes mental health and empowers people to seek help for depression and anxiety, for the benefit of the individual, organisation and community.” With this October being mental health awareness month, we […]

3 steps to unlock the art of mindfulness and thrive

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Guest post by our advisor, Lali Wiratunga Inspired by Dr. Cassisus A. Pereira, my maternal grand-uncle, who in the prime of life, after a career as a medical doctor, became a Buddhist priest. Imagine if every day was harmony day – where everything is in accord, where you are at peace with yourself and the world around you. Wouldn’t this be a cure for the modern syndrome of busyness? Sometimes we find ourselves pushing so hard in one area of our life […]

How building a culture-based brand will help you attract the right people

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Guest post by Sasha Reid, Twinlife Marketing Candidates today want more than a job that fits their skills and a decent salary. They want a job that fits their goals, values and vision for their lives. Millennials, set to dominate the workforce by 2025, are particularly interested in the opportunity to make a difference and forge meaningful work relationships according to Forbes, while nearly 80% will look for “people and culture fit first, followed by career potential” according to Glassdoor. Culture has […]

7 mistakes people make when thinking about people and culture

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A company cannot thrive without its people and culture. It is as simple as that. With technological anxieties and fears of automation, it has become unwittingly easier to lose focus on developing people and culture. If this type of thinking becomes normalised, you will lose what made your company, your business, your brand so great in the first place. The people and culture behind it. So how do we keep our people engaged? To keep bringing innovation, agility and collaboration […]

Why you need a strong vision for your business and how to set it up

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  A strong, shared vision is pivotal to the success of a business. If you can’t see the meaning and value of what you’re doing, it’s very hard to remain motivated and to work to your full potential. Having a clear vision – and a set of values, a mission statement to match, and a clear purpose – is key for a thriving business. A Vision helps a business to:  Stay focused Move in the same direction Make well-grounded decisions […]