Professional shot of Monika Gisler, Think Grow Change Co-Founder.

Why work with me?

“Helping people to develop themselves in their personal and professional lives is what I am passionate about. Supporting people to find their next steps, or solve a difficult situation, is what drives and motivates me to get up each day and come to work.”

As a coach, it is my responsibility

– to understand, uncover, clarify and align with what my clients want to establish and achieve, to encourage self-awareness and to elicit self-developed strategies and solutions to overcome challenges.
– to use advanced skills of listening, questioning and reflection to create and facilitate a greatly effective conversation.

As a coach, I will not instruct you to go and do something specific. Solutions and options for a challenge will come up organically during coaching conversations and it’s up to the coachee try new ways of thinking or new ways of approaching a situation.

“The critical shift that unblocked the road wasn’t a new strategy development, nor was it the discovery of what had immobilised me. It was Monika’s insight into my behaviour and her challenge to understand myself.” – Ciaran Keating -Chief Consultant at East Software

My coaching approach

We each have our own distinct style, preferences, perspective and characteristics in terms of the way we see the world and deal with everyday challenges. Coaching is a collaborative process, and while I bring my own ‘expert’ view as coach, I honor my clients as the expert of their own lives and work. As such I don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach – instead I tailor my skills to your needs to ensure that you’re getting the best coaching experience possible.

Having said that, I am a firm believer in an evidence-based, positive psychology approach. This approach is ‘positive’ in the sense that it focuses on promoting the existing strengths and virtues of individuals.

As a long time TaiChi and meditation practitioner, I also like to bring mindfulness into coaching – when suited to the client – as a means of quieting the mind and encouraging open-minded self-reflection.

“TI had a session with Monika and it that was very informative. I learned to understand myself better. That was really good.” – Anna Linavos -Intake Linker, Uniting

What does coaching look like with me?

1. Getting to know each other (free consultation).

The relationship between the coach and the client is one of the most important aspects of coaching. You’ll need to feel comfortable and safe in order to open up about your challenges, so the purpose of this session is mainly to see whether you and I are a good match. It also offers the opportunity for you to ask any questions, and for us to together identify some of your goals for the coaching process.

2. Getting started (coaching engagements)

We’ll start by agreeing on what areas you want to focus on, and what you’d like to achieve, change or improve. This will form the basis of the coaching engagement and provide the overall direction. During each coaching session, we’ll explore options and agree on action steps towards achieving your goals. We’ll also determine how we can measure your progress. And yes, that means there will be homework!

3. Getting results (refining and monitoring)

Every coaching session will start with a review of what has happened since the last coaching session. This allows us to determine whether we’re making progress in reaching the set goals, and to decide whether we need to refine action steps or come up with any new strategies.

4. Happily uncoupling (reaching goals and completing the process)

My personal goal for coaching is that my clients reach their goals and feel ready to face future challenges on their own. Naturally, though, a coaching engagement can be extended, and sometimes this will make sense.

“I was lucky to have Monika as leadership coach when I stepped up as team lead. She helped me to navigate the new world I’ve gotten into easily. Also effectively resolving conflicts in the team. She guided me how to discuss values/vision with team, as a result of that my team is seen as high performers with high quality product. Above all, Monika cares personally. She checks in with me regularly to see how I’m going and gives me advice to get me back on track.” – Mostafa Dorani -Software Development Team Lead, Domain

When to engage with me?

Performance and Career Coaching

Performance and career coaching aims to help individuals to reach their full potential in any areas of their lives. The coaching focuses on using existing skills and individual strengths more effectively to improve overall performance. It often explores motivations and helps removing career obstacles.

Developmental Coaching

Developmental coaching is a reflective and transformative process of growing and expanding self awareness. In order to make a change, people need to gradually develop new, perspectives, new ways of thinking and new ways of behaving.

Skill Developmental Coaching

Skills coaching starts either from a self-perceived shortcoming, the desire to learn a new skill or as a result of a feedback. Examples of skills coaching are public speaking, presentation skills, time management, personal organisation skills, personal branding, showing more assertiveness and presence etc.

Experience, qualifications and accreditations:

  • 10 years international experience in Google sales management, learning & people development and strategic organizational development programs.
  • Master of Science in Coaching Psychology, SYD Uni (current)
  • Master of Arts (Linguistics and Media-& Communication studies), Uni Basel, Switzerland
  • Diploma in Online Marketing & Public Relations, Fitzwilliam Institute Dublin, Ireland
  • Accredited Trainer & Coach in Insights for Discovery, Sydney

“We highly recommend working with Monika & Hiam in developing a positive culture which will provide your team, a positive edge and attract talent.” – Mel Fuller -Co-Founder AbilityMate