Dysfunctional teams


Do your team members feel encouraged to try and fail?

Celebrating glorious failures is as important as rewarding innovation. To do this, you need an environment with high psychological safety – a workplace in which employees feel safe to be vulnerable in front of each other without feeling insecure or embarrassed.

The result? More innovative and successful teams where people aren’t afraid to go out on limb or think outside the box.

Team dynamics

Do you have a team that’s ‘diverse’ on paper, but not behaving in a genuinely inclusive manner?

You’re not alone. The mix of genders, attitudes, personalities and preferences in a diverse team brings its own set of challenges, and certainly doesn’t simply translate into a rich collaborative working environment.

But we’re big believers in the power of diversity and we know how to bring out the best in your team. Through highly interactive workshops with customised role-plays, we improve individuals’ self-awareness and bring about real behavioural change.

The result? A more open-minded, collaborative team.

“Since working with Think Change Grow, AbilityMate is stronger, smarter and more dynamic as a team.”
Mel Fuller, co-founder of AbilityMate

Navigating through change

Is there an upcoming change that’s making your team uncomfortable or resistant?

Successfully leading a team through change is no mean feat – with change come feelings of frustration, disappointment, confusion, anger, and even sadness. Through a solution-focused coaching approach, we work with teams to shift people’s perceptions of change from fear-based to a more positive, proactive outlook.

The result? A team that’s better equipped to manoeuvre well through future change.

​Vision, values & brand

Is your team feeling disengaged and unmotivated?

If you can’t see the meaning and value of what you’re doing, it’s very hard to remain motivated and to work to full potential. Having a clear vision – and a set of values and mission statement to match – is key for a thriving team. Our vision, value and brand workshops are designed to help your team to establish these fundamentals from the outset.

​ The result? A team with a clearer understanding of where it’s are headed and why, pushing itself to new limits.