Did you know that we spend an average of 8.8 hours per day at work? That’s more time than we spend with our loved ones! We dedicate a significant proportion of our most precious asset – time – to work. We do better when that work has purpose and meaning, when we’re part of a culture that is supportive and positive, and when our contribution is valued.

Why work with us?

Bringing out the best in people is no mean feat and you need good people at the top for your organisation to succeed. After all, your people are your greatest asset and that’s where the best businesses thrive: from proactive investment in them. In a collaborative process with you, we unpack and delve into your business to learn more about your organisation. Backed by real data and industry trends, we will help you develop bespoke paths to bring your organisation to the next level.

“Hiam and Monika bring a more innovative and effective understanding of emotional intelligence, cultural diversity, perceptions and human interaction, so clients can master high-stakes situations to increase both the bottom line and long-term relationships.” – Stuart Diamond, Professor at Wharton Business School and Author of Getting More

Our process

THINK: Exposure to new ideas, theories and best practices

CHANGE: Activities and exercises to enable behavioural change

GROW: Discussions to foster self-reflection, self-awareness, collaboration and personal growth

Topics: Collaboration, innovation, strategy, team building, leading through change and so forth.

Our workshops range from ½ day to 3 day workshops or to whatever suits you best. Ready to get started?

“Since working with Think Change Grow, AbilityMate is stronger, smarter and more dynamic as a team.” – Mel Fuller, Co-Founder of AbilityMate