Introducing Our Advisors at ThinkChangeGrow

Here at ThinkChangeGrow, we are always on the active lookout to connect and collaborate with like-minded leaders who are just as hellbent as us in bringing positive change to workplaces across the globe.

The talented people depicted above definitely fit in with our mission and we are excited to have them as part of our advisory board. Cheers to our team growth!

From being the Non Executive Chairman of Can Too Foundation to the Chairman of the CEO Institute, Anne’s expertise is in working with organisations to elevate the performance of their Social Sustainability and CSR efforts, strategically and meaningfully improving their impact on people and society, and creating positive social change in the communities they live and operate in.
Lali is the National Manager for Westpac’s Davidson Institute. He advocates for the role of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship to help people and organisations to thrive, deliver social impact, and be financially sustainable. He is also a mentor for emerging leaders and cares about helping people to realise their potential.


Sonya Corcoran

Sonya is extremely passionate about embracing technology to advance learning and research. From being the Manager of Digital Innovation at the University of Sydney to the Co-Founder of Changineers, she prides herself on having a gritty growth mindset. 

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