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Introverted Female Leaders – 3 Secrets of their Success

With so much focus on diversity, there is a risk that women feel they either have to behave in quite an alpha female way in order to break through the glass ceiling.

Although very outgoing, competitive and forceful female leaders get great results and we can all learn from their drive, focus and ambition we can also learn a huge amount from more introverted female leaders who also achieve phenomenal results but who usually fly under the radar.

More introverted female leaders…

    1. Are Deep Listeners

They take time to completely focus (without distractions) on their conversation with you. They ask powerful questions and they really listen to you – without simultaneously formulating a response.

They have wonderful eye contact while you are in their presence, they genuinely connect in a quiet, unassuming way.

These skills are powerful for developing meaningful relationships with others.

This is so important because very often you as a leader you will need to guide a team through change and you may find there is resistance. The very act of actively listening can melt it away, that is all some people genuinely want…to feel listened to.

    2. Take time to reflect

Their recreation of choice tends to be solitary so they can take time to themselves and recharge. You’ll find them taking long walks, a hike, maybe a run or even a morning yoga/ meditation. This helps them reconnect, recharge and find balance.

Much has been written about the benefits of mindfulness at work, not only in terms of productivity but also increasing the capacity to make good decisions.

    3. Trust their Intuition

When the mind is quieter there is a greater connection with the natural intuition every human-being possesses.

Sometimes when logic tells you to do one thing, intuition tells you to do the exact opposite – and for some reason, that is the right decision.

The effect of this in business in immeasurable both in terms of time, lower stress and bottom line value.


2 thoughts on “Introverted Female Leaders – 3 Secrets of their Success

  1. The concept of ‘alpha’ business leaders is an interesting one, whether in relation to male or female leaders. Jim Collin’s books Good to Great and Built to Last (with Jerry Poras) highlight that many of the best performing business leaders are introverts. Actually, ‘alpha’ leaders can sometimes be detrimental for a business if they tend towards autocracy, because no-one else in the organisation is empowered (or feels too scared!) to make bigger decisions.

    1. Hi John,

      Thank you for your comment and you’re right! Sometimes, ‘alpha’ leaders whether they may be male and female can be intimidating that it instils that sense of fear amongst their team to ask ‘big’ questions. Thank you for the book recommendation. I have passed it onto the team and we will definitely check it out!

      All the best,


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