Leadership challenges


Is your leader oblivious to what’s going on around them? Is your staff disengaged as a result?

We all know that strong self-awareness and interpersonal strengths are key leadership skills, but often leaders focus on the ‘what’ and forget about the ‘how’ when it comes to dealing with people. Through 1-1 coaching we equip leaders with the tools and techniques needed to raise self-awareness and interpersonal dexterity.

The result? A more content workforce, who feel ‘heard’ and supported.

“The critical shift that unblocked the road wasn’t a new strategy development, nor was it the discovery of what had immobilised me. It was Monika’s insight into my behaviour and her challenge to understand myself.” Ciaran Keating chief consultant at East Software

Vision & values

Got a leader who’s failing to motivate their team?

There’s nothing more discouraging than a leader who isn’t communicating to a team the vision and values behind their work. Our team offsites are a great way to motivate and empower teams to develop their own vision and values.

The result? More committed, motivated teams who are driven by a clear, mutually established purpose.

Influencing without authority

Do you have project managers with no power of position?

Often people find themselves in position in which they need to lead a team or a project but don’t have the official authority but are still responsible for results. By learning how to access internal power resources to influence team members, stakeholder or groups, individual will strengthen their stake in crucial situations.

The result? Team members capable of getting cooperation from different stakeholders in various situations with the competence to create and implement solid action plans.

Navigating through change

Need to guide your team through a difficult change, but not sure how to do it?

​It’s never easy to prepare for organisational change, let alone guide others through the process of change. Through a solution-focused coaching approach, we work alongside leaders and their teams to shift people’s perceptions of change from a fear-based response to a more positive, proactive outlook.

The result? A team that’s better equipped to manoeuvre well through future change.