Our first Breakfast Roundtable Recap – Insights from Google

“Can we, as a team, take a risk without feeling insecure or embarrassed?”

Last Monday, we hosted our very first Breakfast Roundtable at WeWork in Pyrmont. Despite the early Monday morning start, we were thrilled to meet and engage with like-minded individuals who joined us at our breakfast where we talked about the importance of people and culture to a business.

During the roundtable, we discussed how people are the bearer of ideas and how these ideas are often the game changer when a business grows and changes over the years. We went down memory lane as we conversed about the changes in workplace culture over the years, either due to the rise of technological advancements, the value of people, or the resistance to change.

“By failing, you learn.” – Vito Carrozzo, Chief de Mission of First Australians Capital & one of our attendees.

The warm presence in the room invited a lot of laughter and created a bubbly and fun energy which propelled discussion with one another. Over a delicious breakfast together, the wholesome atmosphere enabled everyone to feel relaxed and unafraid to churn out their ideas! We all then further delved into the root of people and culture as well as our journey from being ex-Googlers to now a growing startup.

We also didn’t want anyone missing out of our Breakfast Roundtable! Throughout the entire event, we uploaded snippets of our event onto our social media like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram so no one missed out. Here are some snapshots of us in action below:

Overall, one of the biggest takeaways with The Breakfast Roundtable was that it brought people on a journey, with everyone taking away something important from the event – whether it be valuable insights, a deeper understanding of ThinkChangeGrow and our mission, or just meeting us and networking with new people!

We would like to give a warm thank-you to everyone who came to our first Breakfast Roundtable event on a Monday morning!

Do you believe that culture eats strategy for breakfast like we do? We will be hosting our second breakfast roundtable on the 7th of August where we will be sharing and discussing our insights and much more. Secure your spot today.


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