Our Services

Expert leadership, consultancy facilitation for organisations seeking to turn culture into a competitive advantage.

1-1 Coaching

Coaching is about helping people to facilitate change so that they can achieve their potential. We’re firm believers in an evidence-based, positive psychology coaching approach. We’re using the best current knowledge to deliver coaching to clients, and design and teach coach-training programs.

Monika as a coach:

“Her Insights assessment and comprehensive review indicated that in business contexts I tend to put a leash on my natural optimism. “Why?” she asked. The answer to that question took the leash off, I executed the decisions that I had already made, and the business surged forward.”Ciarn Keating, Chief Consultant at East Software

Public Speaking

We deliver hard-hitting and inspiring speeches on topics like ‘How to harness your superpowers as a woman in business’ and ‘How to create an entrepreneurial-like cultural in a corporate environment’. We cater for 500+ audiences all the way down to intimate gatherings of 40 or so people.

Hiam as a presenter:

“Her strong expertise in corporate strategies and leadership development, as well as her own personal experiences, really inspired and motivated lots of attendees.”Anna Wong, Co-Founder of Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide.


Learning and growing is a process. It requires motivation and opportunities to practice (and practice!), and receive feedback. Together with you, we create whatever’s needed to establish real behavioural change and growth within your organisation. We see you through the entire process – from creating a customised learning intervention to facilitating the content to measuring progress and success.

“We highly recommend working with Hiam and Monika in developing a positive culture which will provide your team with a competitive edge and attract talent.”Mel Fuller, Co-Founder of AbilityMate


Our workshops stretch minds, trigger change and lead to powerful personal growth:

  • Think: exposure to new ideas, theories and best practices.
  • Change: activities and exercises to enable behavioural change.
  • Grow: discussions to foster reflection, self-awareness, collaboration and personal growth.

“Since working with Think Change Grow, AbilityMate is stronger, smarter and more dynamic as a team.”Mel Fuller, Co-Founder of AbilityMate

Our Flagship Programs

Greater Collective
Our Leadership Program

Using our 20 years of experience at Google, we have developed The Greater Collective, a leadership course with a twist – we connect individuals, businesses and charity organisations with a shared purpose and real-world problem to solve. Our unique approach to social responsibility and learning rapidly builds leadership capability, fosters trust and teamwork, and makes a real difference to the charities at its core.

Team Acceleration
Team Acceleration

Ready for the future of work? We have created a completely online version of our leadership course with a twist, The Greater Collective so you can accelerate your team’s leadership skills – all at a click of a button.

“A powerful program led by two passionate leaders, connecting leadership development and entrepreneurship with the concept of shared value.” – Jill Skromanis, People & Culture Lead, IAG

Our Focus Areas

Leadership challenges
Leadership Challenges

Managers matter a great deal to individual performance, team success and the overall workplace culture. Here are a few essential ingredients needed to make a great leader…   Learn more

Dysfunctional teams
Dysfunctional Teams

Bringing out the best in people is no mean feat. Who is on a team is less important than how people interact with each other, organize their tasks and value their work…   Learn more

Stagnate cultures
Stagnate Cultures

A good organisational culture inspires employees and attracts the best talent. How do we create a people-culture which is based on trust and collaboration, and allows people to take risks and be innovative?   Learn more