Our story

A lot of people ask us, “What’s it really like working at Google?”. The truth is, it’s really cool. There’s this unique, powerful magic about the place that attracts – and retains – incredible talent.
So now we’re drawing on our combined 20 years’ experience at Google to bring about dramatic changes for the better in workplaces across the globe.

We believe in the power of people.

We strongly believe that people are every organisation’s biggest asset and without an inclusive culture, collaborative teams and highly self-aware leaders and managers, your business is unlikely to succeed in the long run.
And that’s where we can help. We’re passionate about helping people to reach their full potential through learning and development.

“Hiam and Monika bring a more innovative and effective understanding of emotional intelligence, cultural diversity, perceptions and human interaction, so clients can master high-stakes situations to increase both the bottom line and long-term relationships.” Professor Stuart Diamond, Getting More

We embrace difference.

Valuing and leveraging differences in people is not just what we believe in, it’s who we are. When you work with us, you’ll notice we’re complete opposites: an introverted thinker and an extroverted visionary; one very much into the details, the other flying high with big picture ideas; a coffee-drinker and a chai-sipper; a dog-lover and you guessed it, a … penguin-lover! (Luckily, one thing we do share is a sense of humour.)


Hiam Sakakini


Hiam has a passion for pinpointing the simplest strategies to help individuals and teams build the skills, confidence and competence needed to become genuinely customer-focused and deliver bottom line business results. As a sociology major and specialist in change management she looks for the common traits amongst the top performers that are coachable for all.


Monika Gisler


Monika’s draws on over 10 years’ experience in Google sales management; learning & development and program facilitation; to implement training which produces lasting positive outcomes. Drawing on a Masters in Coaching Psychology, principles of TaiChi and meditation; Monika translates formal learnings into everyday context to help individuals implement positive change in their day-to-day work.

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