Public Speaking

To say that Hiam has a few poignant stories underneath her sleeve is an understatement. She has seen and understood first-hand, the successes and mistakes of people & culture, with over 10 years of working at Google to now at ThinkChangeGrow. Whether it be instigating collaborative innovation to inspiring eager graduates with how mistakes lead to success, Hiam has captivated and provoked thoughtful conversation. Conversation that resounds long after words have been shared.regarding topics such as:

The Future of Work

Spoken at the UDIA 2017 Perth Conference, Governance Institute of Australia event, Elevate Miller-Heiman Conference & Meet-up event

Main points discussed:

  • WHO will be in the workplace, and the trends new generations will bring with them that we need to adapt to
  • HOW we will be working and the effect of automation on the types of jobs we’ll be doing
  • WHERE and the shift from permanent 9-5 at an office to hot desking at a co-sharing space, the blurring of the work and home environment
  • WHEN we will be working, the impact of the ‘always on’ workforce on mental health (the silent epidemic)

Published articles: Human Resources Director Magazine Australia, Smart Company, Pro Bono Australia, Governance Institute of Australia & Australian Financial Review

“The session was simulating, inclusive and highly interactive. The professional, cultural and generational diversity in the room generated interesting views and perspectives. It also produced a very informative and thought-provoking discussion.” – Sebastian Salicru, Author of Leadership Results

Top 5 Mistakes

Spoken at 2017 University of Sydney Graduation Ceremony & Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Mistakes are the key to our successes. It is a cliche told time after time again. But there is a reason why cliches are cliches. It is because they hold truths that are universally felt and understood.

I was always incredibly intentional about my career there with a keen eagerness to experience as much as I could. I held four very different roles at Google where I was heavily involved with the business side and inner workings of the People & Culture scene.

I met and made lifelong friends and even started ThinkChangeGrow with one of them.

It was a vastly great period of my life and I don’t hold many regrets. However, I definitely made some mistakes that have become crucial life lessons which have deeply resonated with others.

Published articles: Business Insider Australia, Thrive Global

“I’m the Sydney University Organist, and I hear many speeches! And I give personal “best speech of the year” awards when I hear one (no prize, just a congratulatory email). Yours today was excellent… so full of great advice that is so important in our world today. And concise! I’m sure it will be remembered by all graduates.” – Amy Jonasen, Sydney University Organist

Diversity in Business

Spoken at Connect Expo Conference and in support of AbilityMate on TV: Paul Murray Live & Channel 9 where her presence has helped boosted significant attention and support for their cause, For Purpose NDS Forum: Leadership, technology, change – insights at Google.

As shown above, Hiam is not just passionate about the importance of diversity in business. She is also passionate about making a difference especially for those with a disability, further demonstrated through her board member role within Cerebral Palsy Alliance, mentoring HealthTech startups through Remarkable, innovation workforce collaboration with NDS and being selected as an audience member of Q&A’s disability special.

Published articles: Ideas Hoist Australia, Smart Company, whimn

“When I met Hiam, she appeared to be a very personable and light-hearted individual who is full of life” – Duku Forè, Contributor, Thrive Global

If you would like to book Hiam as a speaker for your next event or you would like more information, please contact Jenny or book a call with her today.