Does a Team really need a Leader?

Teams are becoming like self-driving cars…they don’t necessarily need one appointed leader to run the team day-in-day-out. Just like a car is doing away with one driver and is becoming ever more sophisticated at things like forecasting trouble ahead, getting in and out of tough situations, overcoming fatigue and human error…the same is happening with teams. We explore the power of Collective Leadership in our flagship leadership program designed for anyone who has ever needed to step up and take the lead at some point in their career…

The future of leadership is in the collective.

The Greater Collective reinforced the power of collective leadership – as opposed to individual leadership and unravelled how critical it is for team work if an organisation is serious about change. – Ruth & Carolen.

The whole premise of The Greater Collective was to propel our participants headlong into a real challenge – no fake scenario’s, no made up problems. We wanted to stretch their minds, push them out of their comfort zones and more importantly, nurture their unique strengths as a leaders.

So we thought we’d ask participants what’s stuck for them since…

When we collaborated with a NFP to solve a real challenge, in this case the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, not only did we want to build leaders who would become expert navigators and instigators of change but we wanted to highlight how integral it is to simply be aware and understand. After all, the crux of real change is our deep understanding of it. What are we pushing for and why?


When I reflect now on the training, I hope I became a better leader, but for sure I became a better person. I see life somewhat different now, I understand cerebral palsy better and I understand people who have it better. Our education is so focused on teaching us the axioms and rules… we are not taught well enough about the people and all the problems people have.” – Igor

The textbook definition of a ‘leader’ is ‘the person who leads or commands a group, organisation or country’ but in that one intensive month, our participants breathed a whole new meaning into that. A leader isn’t just someone who leads a group. A leader is someone who is genuinely empathetic and understanding. Someone who has a true interest and passion in making a positive social impact. A beacon of inspiration to those around them.


I was really interested in the idea of learning the type of leader that I could be or that I was. It appealed to me because it had different aspects to it. Being a part of a group that makes a difference but also learning about yourself. I actually think that they did a really good job of allowing you to do both those things.” – Lauren

The next Greater Collective starts June 5th – limited places are available,

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