Sales & negotiation skills

Sales Coaching

Are your managers able to coach as well as ‘manage’? A manager who’s not only a great leader, but also knows how to coach each individual in a team to get the most out of them, is invaluable. With sales coaching we provide your managers with proven strategies to be effective coaches by encouraging them to focus on the individual needs of each team member.

The result? Highly effective managers capable of empowering and inspiring each individual team member to reach their full potential.

Strategy & Planning Sessions

Being squeezed to meet ever-increasing sales targets? Sellers are under a lot of pressure these days, with a fast-paced and impatient consumer market flooded with choice. To stay afloat, sales teams have to frequently adapt and re-think the status quo in response to market shifts. Through strategy and sales planning sessions, we support your sales team to come up with new or improved ways to hit sales targets. Besides the fundamentals of a SWOT analysis and stop/start/ continue exercises, we ensure sales planning includes collaboration, relationship building and a clear vision that every team member is fully on board with.

The result? A strategy that engages every team member and a team equipped to take on the new market challenges.

Skills Deep Dives

Has your sales team lost their passion for selling? There’s nothing like feeling really good at what you do to boost your drive. Helping your team to really sharpen up their sales skills is a great way to reignite their passion. We run deep dives targetting the particular skills needed to become a really great sales performer – from soft skills like influencing, negotiation and relationship-building to personal qualities of resilience, persistence, creativity and energetic presentation skills.

The result? A rejuvenated sales team, equipped with a new repertoire of skills to put to the test.

Negotiations Skills

Need to close the deal? Negotiation skills are required at any level of business. However, often sellers are notsuccessful, happy or persuasive as they wish as the often rely on old methodes on how to deal with others: Power, leverage, logic, threats, walking out or win-win. The Getting More model of human interaction has been developed with much more realistic, practical and recent methods of human psychology. In a matter of days, you and your organization can learn to improve virtually every interaction. We customize the curriculum to align with your learning goals for our time together, and we work with you to get an ROI from each workshop.

The result? Get new and better tools and improve any negotiation.