Stagnate cultures

Lack of trust

Is there an atmosphere of mistrust within your organisation? Asking people to take more risk only works in an environment with high psychological safety – a workplace in which employees feel safe to be vulnerable in front of each other without feeling insecure or embarrassed.
To create more secure work environments we start by working with teams to increase self-awareness and awareness of different perspectives.

The result? More successful teams where people aren’t afraid to go out on limb or think outside the box.

Risk aversion

Wish your staff were more willing to take risks? When it comes to encouraging risk-taking, it’s important to celebrate glorious failures, as well as the wins. We help organisations to shift their reward culture and cultivate an environment where people feel comfortable to go out on a limb and expose themselves to failure to pursue new ideas.

The result? More gutsy and inspired employees, who feel supported and encouraged to risk ‘failure’.

Centralised silo learning

Fed-up with tunnel-vision or knowledge hoarding? Establishing structured learning programs or bringing vendors in for personal development and skill training is costly, and often not sustainable.
Our solution? To build workplace cultures that actively encourage people to seek help and share knowledge in situ, as the need arises.

The result? Genuine peer-to-peer learning – which is not only more cost-effective, but proven to keep employees more engaged, empowered and satisfied.

​Silo mentality

Frustrated by a lack of genuine communication across your departments, teams and employees? It can be really tough to crack silo mentality – especially because often, it stems from people simply wanting to get on with their work! By introducing platforms that support real time, spontaneous conversation, we’re helping firms to fundamentally change their culture of communication.

The result? Communication occurs organically, with people speaking to one another in-situ as things crop up.

Lack of innovation

Everyone speaking about innovation, but nothing much happening? Innovation can start with a small step, a tiny improvement or a bold move. However, often it’s only the bold moves – and the big advances – that receive recognition. We help organisations to shake up the existing status quo to encourage recognition of the less obvious contributions.

The result? A more innovative workforce thanks to a culture that encourages people to pursue new ideas.