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I used to think that January was a never-ending Monday. You look back at the weekend, what you did or what you could have or should have done and in your head, you are already planning the next weekend and suddenly, reality hits and well –  you are back at work.  Before you know it, it’s February and you are wondering what just happened?

Not for us at ThinkChangeGrow! We have big plans and are determined to make 2018 memorable.

We are already in full execution mode for our next two Leadership-in-Context programs (The Greater Collective), our new online leadership modules (watch out for this), an impact study and new exciting collaborations.

To make this all happen, we simply have to think, change and grow – always!

We are thinking … and talking a lot about the Future of Work.

It’s definitely true, automation is “blind to the colour of your collar” and robotics, cognitive automation and artificial intelligence (social robotics) will take on a huge part of current jobs. However, we need to stop plotting over how many jobs will be automated and think about how the workforce needs to be adjusted to achieve optimal coexistence between people and machines and what kind of skills, leaders will need to navigate the new status quo. And to add even more complexity, let’s not forget we will also see a generational shift in management within the next 5 years.

As the 2017 PWC report says:  Act now. This isn’t about some ‘far future’ of work – change is already happening, and accelerating.

In light of this, we are supporting organisations who wish to codesign changing roles. Namely, that of the Disability Support Worker in Australia.

How? Last September, we kicked off The Greater Collective together with Cerebral Palsy Alliance, House with No Steps, Northcott and NDS. Not only did we give 16 incredible people the tools to become leaders for the future but together, we are implementing changes to the disability support worker role that has the potential to shape the future of the industry.


We are growing … our psychological safety in our own team.

You can only be creative and innovative in a team environment if you trust and are trusted by your team members. That’s why we are having Friday trust sessions. We end the week with a reflection of the week and give each other feedback. No such thing as yearly performance review at ThinkChangeGrow.  Give it a go in your organisation!

We are passionate aboutSocial Enterprises.  

To be honest, a concept we only got to know when we set up our own business.

We love working with social enterprises such as  AbilityMate, Home Care Heroes or Better Goals and whenever we run a workshop and need catering, we always aim to support such type of businesses. For Sydneysiders, check out Parliament On King or Two Good. (Nope, we don’t get provision – we simply love their causes and their delicious food).

What we are learning … from 2017

  1. We thought we worked with the best of the best inside Google but there are some frickin’ awesome people we’ve met since leaving the Google ghetto. People with huge dreams, awesome teams and growth mindsets…our kind of people!
  2. With human beings, there is nothing predictable and repetitive. We have some pretty nifty tools and principles up our sleeves but the majority of clients/ learning partners we work with have their unique fingerprint which we work with to reach their unique goals.
  3. When you put good people in a room and give them a complex challenge, you will see some pretty awesome results with the right guidance #thegreatercollective
  4. Collaboration is the key to great things both within teams, organisations and sectors – and ThinkChangeGrow specializes in sparking collaborations.


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