To bring positive change to workplaces across the globe.


Expert leadership, consultancy and capability facilitation for organisations who see developing their people and creating a positive workplace culture as the means by which they will thrive long term.


Welcome to ThinkChangeGrow

We believe in a people first approach to bring positive change to organisations.


Even a small change in culture can make the world of difference when it comes to individual and team performance. We cultivate healthier work environments, where people across all levels of an organisation feel genuinely included and supported.


Bringing out the best in people is no mean feat. We ready new and emerging leaders for the challenges ahead so they can hit the ground running. And for those already in leadership, we provide 1-1 coaching and facilitation.


What an amazing difference great team dynamics can make! We shake things up with refreshingly different offsite experiences; help teams forge a shared sense of purpose; and turn around performance with deep dives & targetted coaching solutions.

Our Expertise

We know for a fact that learning and growing is not a one-size fits all matter, which is why we work closely with you to come up with a solution that brings about real and sustainable change in your workplace.

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Professor Stuart Diamond

Ciaran Keating

Anna Wong

Mel Fuller

"Hiam and Monika bring a more innovative and effective understanding of emotional intelligence, cultural diversity, perceptions and human interaction, so clients can master high-stakes situations to increase both the bottom line and long-term relationships."

Professor Stuart Diamond, Getting More

"The critical shift that unblocked the road wasn't a new strategy development, nor was it the discovery of what had immobilised me. It was Monika's insight into my behaviour and her challenge to understand myself."

Ciaran Keating. Founder EastSoftware

"We were thrilled and honored to have Hiam speak at our Female Entrepreneurs Day. She delivered powerful messages to hundreds of women from different parts of the world"

Anna Wong, Co-Founder of Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide

"We highly recommend working with Hiam and Monika in developing a positive culture which will provide your team a competitive edge and attract talent." "Since working with Think Change Grow, AbilityMate is stronger, smarter and more dynamic as a team."

Mel Fuller, Co-Founder of AbilityMate