Our goal is simple - to bring positive change to workplaces across the globe.

Welcome to ThinkChangeGrow

We specialise in expert leadership, consultancy, facilitation for organisations seeking to enhance performance with a culture of innovation.

A collaborative process uncovering the unique instrinsic motivators that drive a high performing culture in your organisation. This forms the blueprint to transform the organisation with a plan and program of work we co-design and deliver with you to make the change sustainable for the long-term.

Using our Think - Change - Grow process , we stretch minds, trigger change and lead to powerful personal, team and organisational growth. We facilitate brave conversations predominantly with senior leadership teams in order to create space and time to reflect and move forward into unchartered territory as one team.

We use an evidence-based, positive psychology approach to facilitate change and help individuals and teams to achieve their full potential.

We deliver hard-hitting and inspiring speeches on topics like ‘The Future of Work’ and ‘Creating an Intrapreneurial Culture'.

Our Expertise

We know real and sustainable change takes time and that learning and growing is not a one-size fits all matter. That's why we work closely with you to come up with a co-designed solution for your workplace.

Meaningful change takes courage, leadership and patience. You need a shift in mindset, leadership and culture to enable deviation or even escape from the status quo.


People first. Always. They are your greatest asset and the most successful businesses are proactive in developing autonomous, agile teams.


Acting like an autoimmune system, your culture safeguards how you work together, it is the vibe you feel when you enter your organisation. It is intentionally designed and reinforced by your behaviours, interactions and rituals.


High performing, agile teams are increasingly distributed geographically and rely on cutting edge tools to communicate, give feedback and continuously improve.


Our Flagship Programs

Leadership Development Program

A group of people discussing work related issues

Using our 20 years of experience at Google, we have developed a leadership program with a social impact twist, The Greater Collective – we connect individuals, businesses and not for profit organisations with a shared purpose and real-world problem to solve to rapidly build leadership capability, foster trust and psychological safety while challenging accepted norms.

Team Acceleration Program

A group of people discussing work related issues

Accelerate your team to the fullest potential from anywhere in the world with our online leadership webinars coupled with virtual team coaching. Your team will make small agreements that will add up to big shifts in how you work over a 6 month period of time.

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